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German, Serbian and Macedonian Firefighters joined European Alliance of Firefighters

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The European Fire Fighters Union Alliance (EFFUA) is a member of the International Fire Fighters Union Alliance (IFFUA). Its annual meeting took place in Sofia December 11th , 2013 – organized by the Bulgarian Fire Fighters Union (Ogneborets).

The meeting started with 8 member countries. After  Germany, Serbia and Macedonia joined the conference it ended up with 11 member countries.

Due to their excellent work the current president Kim Nikula and the international secretary Mikael Svanberg have been unanimously reelected for the upcoming two years.

The strategic planning for 2014 and 2015 was decided by the members. The main focus for the following 2 years will be:
•    defining a common standard of education for professional fire fighters, possibly as a EU program
•    identifying the high risk of cancer for fire fighters and carrying out research about necessary changes to prevent further risk of cancer
•     examining the existing structures of national fire brigades within the EU. This is to identify the most efficient way for a national body for the whole fire and rescue service for each country based on a European common understanding of best practice
•    forming a working group in order  to collect and evaluate all existing experiences and knowledge available within the EFFUA concerning technical equipment and personal protective equipment to identify where necessary research is needed and defining changes within the European Standards (EN)
•    participating, together with the German Berufsverband Feuerwehr at INTERSCHUTZ 2015, an international trade show in Germany

All participating members highly welcomed the meeting and its results. The EFFUA made another big step towards taking care of the concerns of the fire fighters in Europe!

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